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Bußgeldkatalog – Neuerungen 2021

Catalog of fines - changes from November 9th, 2021

So that you can continue to save your wallet the most important innovations for you at a glance:


In order to put a stop to the speeding or the frenzy and consequently also the number of accidents, the fines have doubled too quickly for a violation of up to 20 km / h.

Wrong parking

Parking in the 2nd row and disregarding the ban on parking and stopping will in future be punished with up to 110 euros.

Rescue alley

Failure to comply with the obligation to create an emergency lane will in future be punished with up to 320 euros and a one-month driving ban

Harassment according to §1 II StVO

The basic rule of the road traffic regulations includes avoiding nuisance. This includes the useless driving back and forth, which has now been increased from 20 euros to 100 euros fine. 


Anyone who blocks a charging station or a parking space for e-cars and car-sharing vehicles will pay 55 euros in the future.

Cyclist protection

As more and more people are using bicycles, the focus of the innovations is to make road traffic safer and more comfortable for this target group.

Accordingly, from a sufficient distance when overtaking in urban areas, it is explicitly at least 1.5 m and out of town 2 m. This also includes e-scooters.

Pedestrian protection

Here, too, the focus of the new StVO will be in the future. The fines for everyone who endangers pedestrians have doubled from 70 euros to 140 euros and are now punished with a one-month driving ban and one point.


The fines for truck drivers are generally higher than those for car drivers, as they pose a higher risk of accidents on the road. With regard to the future focus of the Road Traffic Regulations on the protection of cyclists and pedestrians, the legislature has introduced walking speed when turning right in urban areas for streets where bicycle or pedestrian traffic is to be expected.

Road Signs

There are also two new traffic signs. On the one hand, the regulatory sign "No overtaking for two-wheelers", which is intended to indicate bottlenecks. On the other hand, the additional sign "Parking spaces for car-sharing vehicles" to make parking easier for this group. 


Parking spaces for car sharing vehicles (source ADAC)
New sign: No overtaking of two-wheelers (source ADAC)


You can find more information and the table of fines at:

For truck drivers and dispatchers, we have provided a flyer with an extract from the current catalog of fines as a PDF in A5 for Download provided!

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