Who bears the costs for the motor vehicle expert?

Beim Haftpflichtschaden (unverschuldeter Unfall) trägt grundsätzlich die Versicherung des Unfallverursachers die anfallenden Kosten für den Kfz-Sachverständigen, den Sie als Geschädigter frei wählen können. Hierbei gilt jedoch, dass die Kosten für ein Gutachten erst ab einer Schadenhöhe von 750 Euro gezahlt werden. Sollte Ihr Schaden darunter liegen, erstellen wir Ihnen einen Kostenvoranschlag, der ebenfalls von der Versicherung getragen wird. Siehe Abschnitt Compensation


Why do you need a motor vehicle expert at all?

A motor vehicle expert is primarily needed to determine damage after a traffic accident or to preserve evidence, especially in the event of a disputed accident. Furthermore, for a vehicle valuation, a used car purchase, for the preparation of a valuation report or for accident reconstructions.


How do I recognize a reputable expert?

The term motor vehicle expert or motor vehicle appraiser is not protected by law, so that basically anyone can call themselves a motor vehicle expert. However, there are legal terms and clues to finding a reputable motor vehicle expert. Qualified motor vehicle experts should have a sound technical and legal background, have a degree as a master craftsman, technician or engineer in a specialist area of ​​motor vehicle technology. Above-average knowledge and corresponding experience should also be available.


Cost estimate or damage report?

The injured party who only submits a cost estimate waives the evidence-preserving function of the expert opinion and usually also the depreciation that usually occurs as a result of an accident.


Isn't it enough if the opposing insurance company hires an appraiser?

The injured party is always better advised to commission a free and independent motor vehicle expert to assess the accident damage. This ensures that, in addition to the actual accident damage, depreciation and loss of use are also correctly calculated. The motor vehicle expert from the opposing insurance company ultimately works together with the insurance company, which has to bear the costs of the damage.


What do I need a repair confirmation for?

If you have repaired your vehicle yourself, you have the option of having the repair of your vehicle confirmed with a repair confirmation.

It serves primarily to assert the so-called loss of use. This means that if you did not use a rental car for the duration of the repair, you can receive monetary compensation for the duration of the repair. The amount of compensation depends on the duration of the repair and the daily rates. The daily rates are taken from tables and depend on the vehicle type, vehicle model and vehicle age.

e.g. B. Loss of use group H, daily rate €55.00/day and repair time of 3 days results in additional compensation of €165.00.

Explanation of terms

  • Depreciation: Depreciation is a reimbursable loss because when the vehicle is later sold, the vehicle with repaired previous damage achieves a lower sales price compared to an identical vehicle that has not had an accident.
  • Loss of use: Right to monetary compensation in the event that a replacement car is not used.
  • Replacement value: The replacement value is the value (before the accident) that the injured party would have to pay for a comparable vehicle from a reputable car dealer.
  • Residual value: The vehicle value determined by the expert on the regional vehicle market, taking into account the existing damage.
  • Fictitious billing: The injured party has the choice between having the vehicle repaired or having the calculated net repair costs paid out (fictitious billing).

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