Vehicle rating

A vehicle valuation is recommended, among other things, when buying or selling used vehicles, for traders for the tax office, for inheritance or divorce matters, in order to quantify the value of the vehicle in its current condition.

The purchase price for your own vehicle is usually still known from memory or the purchase contract. However, what about years later? How did prices and demand develop? For a non-expert, the many questions pose a great challenge. With the help of a qualitative vehicle evaluation, you have a credible and meaningful basis for argumentation.

Many value-influencing factors such as special equipment, vehicle age, condition, tire condition, previous owner, accident damage, mileage and TÜV/AU play a role in the evaluation. Based on these factors, we can determine the current market, replacement value, fair value or dealer purchase price and dealer sale price (as required).

Used car check

Above all, before buying a used, older vehicle or a privately owned vehicle, you should play it safe and have a professional used vehicle check carried out.

Because after buying a used car, there can be unpleasant surprises if the information previously given by the seller about the condition of the vehicle is not correct. If the vehicle has been declared accident-free and has a defect, for example, this can lead to years of legal disputes and unnecessary costs. The risk can be minimized by checking the used car.
Zudem hat man mit einem Prüfprotokoll eine argumentationssichere Verhandlungsbasis.


We accompany you when buying a used car with our professional expertise from vehicle selection to inspection and vehicle registration.

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