Technical reports

The technical report serves to determine and/or clarify the causes of damage and defects in the vehicle or its components. It is created to document damage contexts and to check the functionality of individual components before damage occurs. The technical report applies to:

  • Aggregate damage, e.g. engine and transmission damage
  • Causes of fire
  • Theft damage
  • Paint damage

In the case of the aforementioned damage, the scope of damage, cause of damage, responsibility, repair costs incurred, repair options and values ​​relevant to regulation are examined.

The costs for the expert opinion are often borne by legal expenses insurance.

Evidence Preservation Report

An expert opinion on the preservation of evidence serves to collect technical evidence, which is often the basis for enforcing claims for damages in the case of a series of damage or defects in the vehicle. First and foremost, an expert opinion on the preservation of evidence is prepared in the event of (legal) disputes, for example to demand repairs or the assumption of repair costs, a purchase price reduction or even withdrawal from the purchase contract. In rare cases, an expert opinion on the preservation of evidence may also be necessary in the case of traffic accidents if the legal situation is unclear and the course of the accident cannot be clarified exactly.

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After buying a used car, there can be unpleasant surprises if the information previously given by the seller about the condition of the vehicle is not correct. If the vehicle has been declared accident-free and has a defect in the axle or the track, for example, this can result in far-reaching consequential damage. A defect in the axle can lead to relatively high tire wear in relation to the mileage. A lack of lane can at worst lead to an accident. Even if the seller acted to the best of his knowledge and did not check previous damage or deliberately withheld information, the question arises as to who is to blame for the vehicle's unroadworthy condition.

If repairs are not carried out properly in a workshop or are only repaired incorrectly, the technical assessment or evidence of the insufficient execution of the order is also indispensable for enforcing claims. In this case, consequential damage such as engine or transmission damage is also possible.  

If the cause or question of guilt after a traffic accident is not clearly clarified, it can make sense to prepare an evidence preservation report. A detailed and detailed description of the damage and abnormalities after an accident, photo documentation and determination of the damaged parts and the vehicle condition make it possible to repair, dispose of or sell the vehicle early. Otherwise, there is often a year-long waiting period until the outcome of the process or clarification of the question of guilt before the vehicle can be disposed of.

Accident reconstruction

Accident reconstruction creates clarification for minor accident damage through to the analysis of complex traffic accidents.

Using computer-aided software applications, we can recreate accident processes and compare the extent of damage in order to be able to create a proper vehicle damage report.
During on-site assessments, we can confirm or rule out accident damage by comparing vehicles.

The accident reconstruction report is often necessary in disputes to clarify the question of guilt in court.

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